Mywwwatcher - small viewer of MySQL databases

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Mywwwatcher is web-based browser of MySQL database (similar to well known PHPMyAdmin) writen in PHP. It should be used in those hosts where the command line MySQL client is not accessible (e.g. on webhostings sites). Currently it provides database table browsing, query entering, data editing... over the WWW. It is replacement of the command line client and some other tools (mysqldump, import,..). Further extension it provides is posibility of localization and character set settings, .... Is there any function you'd like to have, do you have any idea how to extend myWWWatcher? Since the code is open you can add any feature you like and/or you can join our development team ;)

What do I need to use it? www server (apache, IIS, ...) with PHP (version 4.0.6 or later) and mysql server (tested on 3.2x - 5.x)

You can try phpMinAdmin. It is small and easy mysql database viewer.


January 03   initital thoughts
February 03 - July 03   first drafts and tests, ...
August 03 & September 03   final proposal, debuging
October 03   first version finisged, SourceForge project starded
future   I'll release next version if there would be 1000 downloads of mywwwatcher. I'll relax by then :-)
January 04   finishing version 2 (news: zip a gzip, index manager, XHTML, shortcuts, ...
April 04   stable version 2
November 06   stable version 3 - complete new php code
December 06   version 3 added to FreeBSD ports tree
Juli 07   1000x downloads from FreeBSD ports tree
October 07   version 3.1, see changelog
July 08   version 3.2, see changelog


Example 1 - queries
Example 2 - export
Example 3 - import
Example 4 - indexes
Example 5 - insert data
Example 6 - settings
Example 7 - database schema
Example 8 - charset/collate


- new design, better CSS
- new login form, stats
- many bugs fixed and many small improvements (import, menu, queries, ...)
- better left menu (reloads, quick queries, ...)
- added charset wizard
- better query highlight
- many bugs fixed
- base version


Mywwwatcher v. 3.2 zip
Mywwwatcher v. 3.2 tar.gz
Mywwwatcher download
Mywwwatcher homepage


Autor: Petr Macek (pm [at] kostax [dot] cz)
Autor: Martin Sajdl (masaj [dot] xxx [at] seznam [dot] cz)
Supporters: Michal Kočer (michal [at] koceri [dot] net) - advice, Lukáš Kurz (lukas [at] bosounohou [dot] cz) - ini function, import
Testers: Tomáš Macek (tm [at] the [dot] cz)